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[Accidental Video]

[The journal clicks on when it hits the ground, and for a few moments, all it shows is a skewed vision of someone's bedroom floor. An immaculately clean one, at that. Boring. There's the sound of a shower on nearby.

Then there's a subtle scraping sound, and suddenly a pen drops into view from above, hitting the floor and bouncing once, rolling to a stop.

Followed by a roll of bandaging hitting the journal page and then unravelling itself across the floor. There's more scrabbling sounds and suddenly a threaded needle and two buttons hit the ground, leaving a trail of black thread that extends above--

--wait, no, no. The spool of black thread is hitting the ground, too, unwinding itself in a different direction. And then a long red tail of cloth-- a headband-- wafting down.

And then finally a soot black kitten pounces on the headband as it settles (DEATH FROM ABOVE), skidding across the floor in a flail of little legs as it noms on the red cloth and tries to kick it to death--

Oh look. Two dripping wet, bare legs come into view, nearly step on the needle and skip a step back, and there's a frustrated sound as the end of the headband is yanked up off the ground, dragging a half-tangled kitten with it--]

Chaplin! I order you to let go of that immediately!

[...yeah, good luck with that, Karai.  >_>  Feel free to let her know she's broadcasting.]


[Karai went to Lucetiland like many others, but she has yet to take a tour of the grounds. Well ... not in any conventional manner. The amusement park with its hotel and rollercoaster and other such rides makes for an excellent high-level training area, and that's what she'll be doing most nights after the majority of residents has gone home. There are bound to be a few night owls around, after all. She'll just do her best not to be spotted by them, either. Yes, film at 11: Karai needs to get a life. But if it counts, she's totally making use of the luxury the hotel provides and has only been home twice to check in with her father since the park opened. The second time being this morning.

Tonight, she may be less successful at hiding her presence because she is distracted. Shredder's apartment was a mess, broken and overturned furniture and all, and she is canny enough to retrace the steps of a battle and realise what happened. Her father has been taken by the Malnosso. She doesn't bother to report it. She feels angry about it, especially because she was not there to help-- and she will tidy the apartment and keep a sharp eye on the journal network to look for his return. Such is her duty.

But she finds that she does not miss him. That there is, in fact, space to breathe again.

And Karai does not know what to think about that. Beyond guilt... and an impending sense of failure.

So her game is off. When she finally realises it, she walks back through the stragglers back to the hotel, deep in thought, and retreats to the roof of the hotel to think. Which...only makes her feel worse, really.

...well, her father did ask a likeminded question not so long ago.]

[Voice // Locked from Oroku Saki]

...what does honour mean to you?

[Much later, when she's almost sure she won't be disturbed, Karai will pay a visit to the swimming pool area. Because a spa is a luxury she greatly enjoys, and maybe it will help her to relax.]

[Action] Morning of the 23rd

[Karai spends a good long time staring at the treetops above her before she realises she's back in the forest. Then she spends a good deal more time not moving except to shift a tree root out from under her spine. Uncomfortable. Hurts. Therefore, alive.

So that's what death feels like. A pity it wasn't permanent. Out of the question, in a place like this. She has never hated Luceti more than she does at this instant.

Another betrayal, somewhere in the future. She goes home to get her father killed. To save them. Why?

Has he thrown her away?

Eventually Karai shifts to sit up, cross-legged under the tree, hand covering her throat-- not fast, those three seconds of drowning-- and tries to contemplate what to do next. She keeps losing focus. For once she doesn't care, though she eventually takes in the more pertinent details. She's wearing a New Feather dress again, which is preferable to her uniform, drenched in blood as it must have been. Thoughts of death penalties don't even occur. The only thing she can think is that if she wanders into town dressed like this...

Karai leans her head back against the tree and stays quiet, waiting until nightfall, perfectly still in the forest.

Once it's dark, she stands, ignoring the ache in her temples that makes itself known, and makes her way slowly home to her apartment in CB#4. Maybe once she gets there she'll know where the hell she goes from here.]

((ooc: Angsty McAngstpants-san can be interrupted any time you like, if you've a mind to. :|))


[Karai is in the library today, as she has been for several days this week. In a quiet corner, carefully looking up certain legends. Why she agreed to do a favour for her pig of a neighbour comes down more to repayment of a debt than any genuine concern for his welfare, but she supposes this is a step up from brooding and doing nothing at all.

She'll address the network while there, straight to the point. Though she's courteous.]


It seems dragons are well known in a number of worlds. Tell me, do you have such creatures where you come from? I would be most interested in hearing about them.
[Today finds Karai in the battle dome, working herself up into a fine killing mood. The anger flows thick today, and if she could get her hands on the blue man who had spoken over the networks, she would have sliced him into pieces. Inaccessible. For now. Somewhere in the village? She'll hunt him down. This is her first taste of an experiment, and to lose everything she was and find herself married to that freak--

I would never.

She would, she tells herself furiously. Over and over again. She is, in fact, doing so, here in this magnificent room, killing the turtle who had been her supposed husband for ten days. It doesn't satisfy. Every time he falls, the rage just burns more. Friendship, and love, and marriage and smiling at him like he meant everything to her--

I would never.

Somewhere in the late afternoon, her anger burns out and leaves her feeling hollow, and she takes to the rooftops until near midnight before she slinks home. But before she does, pausing on the roof of the building the two of them shared, she'll leave one message, voice soft and colourless.]

It means nothing.

[She can't be bothered filtering. Leonardo will know it's for him.]

((ooc:  catchable at the battledome and...er.  Most roofs in town? |Da))
[Going to get milk has never been so annoying. Or, you know, deadly. She's not sure what hurts more - the fact she nearly got brained by a whole shelf of tinned pineapple or the deep gash that runs across the back of her arm and shoulderblade. Certainly she knows which injury is going to be harder to deal with.

...when she gets home. Which she's attempting to do so discreetly. Which is pretty easy for ninja, really. It's just that last leg of the trip that might be somewhat more obvious, given she still has to make her way into her apartment at CB #4 and hope she doesn't catch the attention of the wrong people.

Yeah, you know who you are. 8|]

[...and several days later, she'll make an entry:]

[Filtered to Leonardo // 70% unhackable]

If you do not want me to kill your brothers, perhaps you should put them on a leash.

[Oh, yes. She knows you're here.]

001 [Action]

[Karai's entry into Luceti during the day is very short and to the point. She's read the guide. She doesn't trust this place at all-- so it's short visits to both the Welcome Centre and the smithy on the hunt for her weapons and a list of empty apartments. Maybe some groceries. Maybe she'll pause to terrorise a child on her way through. Certainly, for most of her daytime visit she appears to be holding a cookie like it's some kind of dead rat :|a

Either way, she's off the street as soon as she can manage it, curled up in her...new apartment... thumbing through the journal and investigating the residents of this prison.

Once it gets dark, however, she'll go to take a much closer look at the town and its occupants. No rooftop leaping or ninja-ing involved; just a quiet walk throughout Luceti as she people-watches and tries to get a feel for the place. If she sees anything or anyone interesting, though, she's likely to stalk them for a little while.

Other than that, she doesn't feel like talking today. She's in a bad mood, which one can generally expect from waking up in Luceti, really. Maybe once she gets her equilibrium back, things will be better and she'll attempt getting to know the natives.

Unless some of them attempt getting to know her first.]

((ooc: Teeechnically backdated to yesterday-- was working at the time D| Catchable at any place mentioned, feel free to make her mood worse.  And I will answer tags when my headache goes away.  /beats it with a stick))